I love food no doubt but there are some foods I can’t even dare eat on transit. Probably because I might disgrace my self while eating them and finish the already small bride price left(click here FIVE TIMES MY BRIDEPRICE ALMOST REDUCEDto see how much bride price I have left).I just CAN’T no matter how I try.
The very first on my list is *drum rolls******

1- MANGOES :Most times while I’m travelling or going someplace, I see so many persons eating mangoes in a bus and I’m like How?????

How do you guys do this?? Where should I even start.The liquid dripping from the mango alone when you take a bite, makes me upset first of all the worst is when the juice is running really fast  with the evil intent of staining your clothes or should I talk about the group of flies that follows suit the moment you dare open a mango.

2-SOUP OF ANY KIND: Sometimes while I’m going to Aba, I see some passengers daring to even open Garri and soup and I keep imagining myself doing that .First of all, when the bus runs into a bump or a gallop I’m very sure the soup would definitely bath me and I could go blind from all the pepper inside.

3-ORANGES- I have tried taking an orange during a trip but it was just once.I’m someone that likes  to chew everything apart from the bitter back. So many persons would see me and start thinking I’m not okay when actually I am not😊😊.No more oranges on transit. I would just be patient enough till I get home and devour it in peace.   

I didn’t even bother  including beans because I can’t even eat beans at home , its something I wont even dare eat outside.

I have so many on my list but these ones are topping the chart, let me hear from you whats yours?


Written by chinyere