This particular day in 2018, I was so bored and decided to just read messages from one of the group chats I was added to on whatsapp.

I didn’t know it was the Angel of God that was trying to put my name  on the mighty Forbes list.I read messages on the group chat out of boredom, that particular day, another corp member had complained on how the  monthly allawee was taking a bit more time than the previous.Every other person was complaining though except this particular girl.

She immediately said only a dumb person still waits for allawee to be sent before they start enjoying life.

Haaaaa!!! The statement shook me, dumb kwa? How?

She immediately said she has been making millions and almost went for a Dubai trip sef, I was still amazed ooo.

I started questioning my sense of reasoning, maybe I’m even dumb self abi my brain is not working again, I thought to myself because I haven’t even thought of any serious thing that could fetch me money running to millions.

The next step she took was, she said we could all make money from receiving Facebook messages and posting pictures, I immediately thought of how I was going to join the leagues of Bill Gates, Otedola, Dàngote, Adenuga

and the rest sitting on one table, because I already calculated how much I was going to make sending atleast  “hi” to my 2000+ friends on Facebook and another set of “hi”s to  the 200+ friend requests that tires me to accept or decline.BODY ODOUR

I’mma make money yo!

Mummy! Daddy! time for that Rolls Royce is now, I was excited, she said we should send her a private message.MY FIRST LETTER TO A BOYFRIEND

Like I was poured soapy water and morning fresh, I slid into her DM immediately, I’m very sure some other persons did too.

She started talking about one organisation, all this kain marketing plenty plenty talk, I wanted to hammer, so I cared less, even though I hated the marketing thing, at least its just Facebook I thought to myself .Talked about me registering first, which I did because I wanted to hasten the “hammering” process, said I was going to come for a conference so they can teach me how the whole thing works, she scheduled a date for me.

I started suspecting the whole thing when she started calling me frequently and telling me to make sure I don’t back out.

Aaaahhh aaaahhhh, I thought the bourgeoisie usually don’t have time, talk more of the time to start calling other persons to remind them not to change their mind about a particular conference.

All in all, story short, it was all SCAM!!

FORBES list ko, YABA list ni.



Written by chinyere