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Crash Landing on you is a Korean drama series which premiered in December 2019 on tVN, although its now on netflix.

This is definitely the best crash landing on you review you would see on the net.

The drama has a maximum of 16 intriguing series  with Hyun bin and Son Ye- jin being the lead actors.

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The drama series Crash Landing on you, focuses on a lady Yoon Se-Ri who owns a fashion house empire in South Korea and a man Ri-Jeong  Hyuk who is a North Korean Army Captain.

We all know about the feud between North and South Korea and how they both can’t seem to agree on a particular thing.

The first episode starts with Yoon Se-Ri trying to test the paragliding gadget her company had just produced and then suddenly a mishap happened.

There was  a little issue with the wind and it changed the altitude and direction of the paragliding gadget and it took her straight to North Korea. When she woke up, all she could see was a Soldier whose arms she mistakenly jumped  into.

On the other hand,  a North Korean Army captain on duty just before the demilitarized zone(demarcation between North and South Korean) heard a sound and decided to go there to see for himself what exactly was going on.THE HOUSEMAID(2010) -MOVIE REVIEW

The movie is all shades of beautiful, from trying to use a paragliding gadget to landing in North Korea, trying to run away to South Korea and finally entering deeper into North Korea.

The movie depicts a whole lot. I cried in so many episodes. If you are a hopeless romantic like me, you would love it.

I also love the fact that the script writers were not being impossible, like they didn’t try to firm something that would never happen .

I love the fact that at the end, they still stood with what is happening between North-Korea and South Korea today(when you see the movie, you would understand)

I love the fact that the movie portrayed their romance in a very mature way unlike some other romantic comedies I have seen.PONZI SCHEMES

The movie is a combination of romance, comedy, melodrama and family.

I laughed really  hard, I cried, I was pissed at what was happening to the both of them at every point. Her family members were so annoying and greedy especially her brothers and their wives.

I love the connectivity of the stories and also how they made us believe the story so much in as much as we knew it was fictitious.

I would say, all the actors and actresses really prepared for this drama. I saw an interview on Youtube where the lead actor and actress for crash landing on you were talking about all the Languages they had to learn, work out and how they prepared for the fight scenes.

They totally killed it, especially the accent from North Korea.

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The drama series was shot in three different Locations ; Mongolia, Switzerland and of course South Korea.

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In all, Its a beautiful drama series to see , its one of my favourite new k-dramas and Its definitely a THAT BLACK GIRL RECOMMENDED MOVIE.

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Written by chinyere