When I was much younger, I used to be so quiet and an extreme introvert trying to find myself. I had serious issues with self esteem and confidence, I felt everyone was better than me ,even though I was really smart in school, I still felt not good enough in terms of beauty and the likes. This continued until the end of junior secondary school

Then, I proceeded to senior secondary school. It was a boarding school, so I was definitely going to face whatever I was going to face alone!.I got into the boarding house, I didn’t even bother talking to so many persons, I lived by the rules created by some persons in my room, I didn’t even bother contesting what I felt wasn’t right even when I knew other students were trampling on my rights. I was seriously battling with inferiority complex , I felt I wasn’t beautiful enough because I was chubby and virtually everyone around me was slim.

I barely even looked at the mirror, because I felt ugly and unattractive and the topping to the whole bitter cream was shyness, yes, I was very shy too. Anytime I get back from school it was more of a relief because I was just going to channel all of my energy into my parents business.

This particular day I think in my SS2, I think i was going for dining that early morning, so many persons were at the mirror stand, and I was waiting for someone too, I just decided to pass by the mirror  and while I was at it, I decided to look at the mirror too. Guess who I found?

I found this beautiful dark skinned girl with white eyes, I looked around, I wanted to be sure it wasn’t a reflection of someone else around me, I doubled checked and it wasn’t, It was me! me!! me!!!.

I am way beautiful that most of these girls around me I thought to myself. That was how my self esteem recovery journey started.

My mom started noticing I could talk freely in public, laugh whole heartedly ,  dance at home which I never used to, and so many more changes.

I called my roommate from secondary school some weeks back and she was surprised how full of life I am now.

Right now, I’m amongst the first confident persons you can think of. It took me so much to write this,because so many persons around me who know me would find it difficult to believe I was once battling with low self esteem, I won’t say I’m there 100%, I’m still at 98%, almost there though.

So this is my TRUTH, would you mind sharing yours?

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Thanks for reading.

Written by chinyere