We often ask when its time to leave a relationship.

Relationships are live wires, they either electrocute you or connect you. Due to pressure or the amount of time we have spent in a particular relationship. We often get carried away or fail to see why that relationship is not right for us and why we shouldn’t be in it.

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Love is just not enough to keep a  relationship.

If you get to notice any two of these, its officially time to leave that relationship.I ALMOST FOUND TRUE LOVE

  1. CONSTANT DISRESPECT: When there isn’t equity in a relationship, constant disrespect crops in. It could be unfaithfulness, taking you for granted, making serious life changing decisions without letting you know or putting you in it, its a relationship deal breaker.
  2. YOU CAN’T BE YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE WITH THEM: Its not really about them, this particular one is about you. It always seems like when you are with them, you have to put yourself on serious pause mode. It always feels like you are trying to be put into a box were you don’t fit. Relationships are supposed to bring out the best in you and not make you feel terrible every time.
  3. ABUSE: This is the most severe, nobody should be in an abusive relationship for any reason. Different kinds of abuses ranging from verbal, emotional/psychological, domestic violence. Once you notice whoever you are in a relationship with is abusive, please run and never come back.MOST EMBARRASING MOMENTS 2.0
  4. INABILITY TO MAKE SACRIFICES: One true characteristics of love is ability to make sacrifices. Can one really say they are in love without making sacrifices?? I don’t think so, no matter how much sacrifice it is, it still is sacrifice.
  5. THE NEGATIVE OUTWEIGHS THE POSITIVE: When you start counting the negative and positive, and its clear the negative outweighs the positive, time’s up for that relationship.

Weigh yours now and see if you are still in the right relationship or its time for you to move on.


Written by chinyere