The movie, the housemaid(2010) also called Hanyo in Korean Hangul is a 2010 18+ korean movie directed by Kim Ki-Yeong.

The movie genres Melodrama, Family, Adult Romance.

The movie the housemaid(2010) starts with a scene where a girl commits suicide by jumping off a building.

Eun-Yi and her friend both work in a restaurant. One day, a lady comes to her house to tell her to start working as an assistant maid for a rich small family with a pregnant wife.MY FIRST CRUSH

As the scenes unfold, we noticed the Man in the household Hoon acted by Lee Jung Jae is a sex driven unfaithful husband.

One day the family went on a vacation, he went down to the room where the new housemaid slept and manipulated her to sleep with him, and the infidelity started.

The story took an entire U-turn when she got pregnant.

The movie was definitely not predictable, I never expected what happened at the end.

What To expect in this movie- the housemaid

1-Great acting skills :in  the movie the  housemaid, all the actors and actresses in this movie, really played their part well down to the family’s little daughter

2-Maturity: the movie is very mature and they didn’t hide anything, they made sure everything was bare.

3-Intense Sex scenes: when the sex scenes started rolling out, they showed us everything. You shouldn’t allow kids,  pre- teens and teens to an extent to see this movie. They showed all the scenes where they were having sex.MY FIRST LETTER TO A BOYFRIEND


4- Relatable story: I feel this story is very relatable to whats happening in many homes ; pregnancy, cheating partners, housemaids e.t.c

The housemaid(2010)- movie review

The housemaid(2010) -movie review

5- Unpredictable end: the housemaid took an unpredictable end.  Like I was screaming what!!!! How dare you do that to yourself.

Although its a 2010 movie, Its definitely a THAT BLACK GIRL RECOMMEND.

Written by chinyere