Six Blogging Mistakes

As a beginning blogger and also as a pro blogger, while blogging,  we are bound to make blogging  mistakes and its absolutely normal because we are sure to learn from them even though we might not all agree we learn from our mistakes.HOW MY NAME ALMOST MADE IT TO FORBES LIST

When I started blogging, I made quite some blogging mistakes as a beginner. Some very obvious ones and some I might still not have realized, but Its all good, we learn everyday.

I would be sharing some of those six blogging mistakes that made me broke as a blogger   with you so you don’t make same.

1-WRONG CHOICE OF NICHE- First blogging mistake. When I started out with blogging, It was basically telling stories, stories of  my everyday life with humor and all. I noticed those kind of stories didn’t really do much. Especially click through rates, MOST EMBARRASING MOMENTS OF MY LIFE 1.0impressions and all. Along the line, I changed my niche.

2-I  DIDN’T TAKE MARKETING SERIOUSLY : Second blogging mistake . Marketing is king. Especially email marketing, I didn’t see a need for it because I felt as long as my blog was out there, I was going to get so much traffic, but that was certainly not it. Although I had social media handles, I didn’t see any need to keep pushing my content at every point.

3- I THOUGHT CONTENT WAS KING-  Third blogging mistake. I was putting out content at least twice a day, Sometimes I even posted  thrice a day. As a blogger, while you are taking online courses and all screaming content is king to you, in practical, content is not king.      Same way you re putting out content every single time is same way some other persons are,The competition is really high, and you should have a leverage, which is marketing.

4-I TOTALLY IGNORED SEO, GOOGLE ANALYTICS, GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE- This was a major blogging mistake for me. When I started at first, I was just putting out content and hoping SEO works out itself.

Truth be told, it didn’t work itself out at any point . I had to still get myself involved in one of them and figured it out, even if I’m still trying to figure it out with each passing day.

Six blogging mistakes

5- I WASN’T BUILDING MY EMAIL LIST: blogging mistake number 5.Most of the come back traffic comes from email lists, all of the updates and all pulls traffic for you, but I was so stuck in trying to push content that email didn’t seem like a thing for me.

6- I DIDN’T TAKE PINTEREST SERIOUSLY: I joined Pinterest really late, before I joined, I didn’t see a need to because I felt it was like every other social network. But Pinterest is quite different, not only because its quite easy to be seen on Pinterest, but also its very easy for anyone anywhere to get access to your blog or website just by clicking on the pictures you use. Take advantage of Pinterest.

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Here it is everyone, I literally poured out my heart to you and all the mistakes that made me broke as a blogger, because I want you to do better and be better.

Please don’t make same, learn from mine and become a better blogger.



Written by chinyere