I present to you, my top five kdrama list .

Since 2013 I stumbled on a kdrama, Since then, I have been love struck and completely stuck with them and I aint going anywhere.

Its been a lovely ride of kdramas that I don’t even want to get off from.

This kdrama list you are about to see is my favourite kdrama list.

It contains so many kdramas that would get you really glued to your screen and you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off your screen, not even for a second.THE HOUSEMAID(2010) -MOVIE REVIEW

So here they are: Top five  kdrama list for the week, specially handpicked just for you. Trust me, they are one of the best kdramas.

1- Descendants of the sun- This kdrama acted by the leads – Song Joong ki as Captain Yoo Shi Jin a special forces captain in the South Korea army and Song Hye kyo as Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon, a Surgeon in Haesung Hospital. Both of them tackle each problem relating to their jobs everyday while falling in love with each other. Its a Soldier + Doctor love story with all the romance, comedy and so many beautiful scenes. After I saw a recommendation from a website,  I just decided to watch because the actors I saw on the poster were cute and decided to download it.

Actor Song Joong-Ki

Trust me, at first I downloaded only two episodes, after the first two, I was so glued to everything that I binged the remaining 14 episodes and even after seeing all the episodes, I kept going back to laugh and appreciate some more scenes. The Song-Song couple were so adorable I must say.

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2-The Encounter: this kdrama depicts a love relationship between an older lady who is the CEO of Dongwa hotels and a younger man who she met in Cuba and turns out to be her employee. Starring Song Hye-Kyo as the CEO and ex-wife of a chaebol and Park Bo-Gum as the son of a fruit seller . I love love love this kdrama too, everything from the battle every younger man plus older woman relationship would face, the love, romance and comedy between them, their families, class and so much more. I love it and I strongly recommend it for lovers of romantic comedy kdrama.

It is quite easier and cheaper to get it from Amazon prime.

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Top five kdrama list- Actor Park Bo-Gum

3-Playful kiss: This kdrama was my very first Korean drama, like my official welcome to kdrama and after this, I swore it was kdrama or nothing. Playful kiss is a 2010 Rom-com kdrama starring Jung So-Min and Kim hyun-Joong as Oh Ha-Ni and Baek Seung-Jo respectively.

The drama story line revolves around not so bright but bubbly  female student Oh Ha-Ni who has more than just a crush on a handsome A+ arrogant male student Baek Seung-Jo. One day, due to an earthquake, Oh Ha-Ni’s family house collapsed and they are forced to live with her fathers long lost best friend who is Baek Seung-Jo’s father.

This drama contains a lot of funny scenes, slight romance scenes, school life scenes and family scenes. Its a very good one for everyone. See this kdrama and thank me later.

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4-City hunter: This is my most favourite kdrama. Starring Lee Min-ho as Lee Yoon Sung and Park Min-Young as Kim- Nana. All his life, Lee yoon Sung was made to believe his late father who was a special agent was betrayed by their mother land and his uncle Lee Jin Pyo made him take revenge on the country. He exposes corrupt politicians and does so many things to the people he believed gave orders to kill his father.

Top five kdrama list- Actor Lee Min Ho

Kim Nana on the other is a special agent at the blue house. Her parents were involved in an accident were her mother died and her father  had been in a vegetative state since then, but the man responsible for accident turns it on them and plays the victim. She also seeks vengeance for her late parents.

Lee Jin pyo on the other hand was the only surviving   special agent during a black operation. He swears to avenge the death of his comrades especially his best friend.

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5-Crash Landing on you: This is a 2019  kdrama, I did a full review on it.

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Read it HERE

Here they are, I listed out five Interesting kdrama’s just for you. After this list, there would definitely be subsequent lists of kdrama, not just kdrama but intriguing and mind blowing kdrama’s .

Check my previous posts and next post for more reviews and recommendations.

Written by chinyere